JULY 2015: Major Higher education Goes Test-Optional

JULY 2015: Major Higher education Goes Test-Optional

Believe it or not, This summer was one other busy month in the world of test out prep in addition to college vestibule.

June was all about University Board’s typo on the April SAT. Throughout July, the test prep/college vestibule world was rocked when…

George Houston University progressed test-optional

GW announced at the end of July how the school is right now test-optional for all undergrad candidates. Students can submit rates if they will like to, when they believe all their scores are not an ‘accurate reflection with their academic potential’, they may choose out of sending test rates. GW published that the option will help ‘strengthen and diversify’ their client pool.

George Washington Or even became one of several largest universities to become test-optional, so this brought about many content articles commenting within the impact. NPR questioned no matter if GW’s pick signaled the beginning of the end for the SAT in addition to ACT. People quote Institution Board’s response to the statement, which is which will test scores are the best signs and symptoms of achievement in school. However , the article also cites a study in which shows that a good student’s high school record is usually a better signal of college general performance. The author concludes that this is most likely not the end of the SAT as well as ACT, nevertheless wouldn’t end up being surprised if other significant schools get test-optional. Читать далее «JULY 2015: Major Higher education Goes Test-Optional»